Executive chef Miles Belfield brings more than 20 years experience to CasCades restaurant and is already considered a gastronomy heavyweight in Bali having headed up the teams at recognisable and reputable establishments prior to joining CasCades in 2018. Having garnered experience across many Michelin-starred restaurants from the beginning of his career in London, Chef Miles understands the need to prioritise ingredients above all else.

Before calling Bali home, Chef Miles worked at 1 Michelin-starred restaurants including Quartier Vert and Bordeaux Quay in Bristol. This experience allowed Miles to take on grander hotel dining projects whilst running an efficient and considered kitchen. Designing menus and maintaining kitchens across multiple outlets in a resort meant that quality control was of the utmost importance to Chef Miles - “I would analyse and acquire our produce right from the source – whether that be a vegetable farm hours away or early mornings at the local fisherman’s market.” He has applied the same concept to his kitchen at CasCades, fastidiously ensuring the best ingredients are the starting place for his menu.